VES Transfer Specifications

VES Transfer Specifications

Visual Effects production requires a constant exchange of image sequence data between the VFX houses and the studios including full resolution uncompressed source or final plates and compressed files for the editorial department.

The VES Transfer Specifications document provides a reference template that can be used to effectively define how Visual Effects vendors should ingest, process and deliver image data for visual effects production.

Based on the feedback of multiple VFX vendors involved with hundreds of productions, VES Transfer Specs have been introduced with the following goals:

Using these templates benefits both production teams and VFX vendors reducing the number of iterations required to establish the production pipeline for each show.

The VFX Transfer Specs package includes two documents:

Templates are provided as Word documents and Google Docs in order to be aligned with existing working practices and for easy extensibility. The initial focus is more on capturing all required specifications rather than on automating ingestion of this data, but future iterations of this project may focus on a more formal standardization to enable automation.